Sell more and serve your customer in the “New Normal” economy

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Year 2020 has been a huge challenge for all everyone, especially how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our life. We have transformed the way we interact with our family, neighbors, friends, colleagues, among others.Similarly, many companies have changed the way the interact with their employees, customers, suppliers and partners. Firms have accelerated their digital transformation plans to cope with these new forms of personal relationships and the changes in consumer behaviors.Technology has been a major enabler in this transformation process, not only for the companies, but also for the costumers and citizens. For example, online meetings have replaced in-person meetings. Zoom and Google Meet are now household names, as grandmothers virtually “meet” with their loved ones via many of those applications.However, companies must incorporate more than virtual meetings to succeed in this new economy. Digital transformation must include aligning Marketing, Sales, Service and Operations to serve the customers in a whole new way.Also, businesses must embrace profound change in their processes and reskill their workforce to adapt them to the evolving behaviors of the consumers and technologies.Skyblux and can help your initiate these changes, implementing solutions to bridge the gaps in your business.According to a survey made by Salesforce, companies that have implemented Sales Cloud experience a 26% increase in revenues. Some of the main achievements of a digital transformation:
  • Drive your business on a proven application:
    • Get more deals
    • Make decisions with real-time reports and dashboards
    • Close more deals, faster!
  • Boost Productivity:
    • Spend more time selling, instead of administrative tasks
    • Have your customer data in one platform
    • Sell from anywhere: Mobile, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet.
  •  Serve your customer in any channel quickly
    • Provide your customer reps with powerful tools to respond
    • Resolve cases faster
    • Provide your clients a wide diversity of channels, while maintaining the same customer experience: email, phone, webchat, chat bots, Social media, portals, SMS, Whatsapp, web.
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